Is social media making us less social?

The purpose of the annual IBM Connect Conference is to introduce new social products and technologies that enable colleagues to collaborate and work more effectively together.  Although the intention is to increase overall productivity, these social initiatives can often times cause an opposite reaction – creating degrees of separation where people chose to IM their coworker in the next cubicle or can’t seem to get through the day without getting sucked into a black hole of emails.

It seems like every day there is a new application or social tool that your company absolutely needs to have. Being bombarded with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, SharePoint and Chatter, it is easy to feel like you’re drowning in a deep dark sea of social trends.

Social Media Icons

Companies often adopt a social tool or platform simply because that’s what their competitors are doing or they want to be part of “something social.” But not every platform is best suited for every company’s needs. Analyzing your business’ goals is the first step in finding the best social tool to help you achieve social success.  Click here for five questions you can ask yourself to help wade through the waters of social media.


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