Monthly Archives: December 2012

PNC Bank is creating a building that breathes. The aim of their new headquarters, which should be completed by 2015, is to not only be energy efficient but completely people-focused. They want to create a collaborative, comfortable space for their employees to flourish while also making a connection with the community of downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

PNC Tower

From a 300-person auditorium and theater for public events to a ventilation system with automatic sensors that allows you to experience fresh open air without having to leave your desk, this skyscraper is anything but ordinary. Click here to read more about this “tower of tomorrow.”


Whenever cell phone makers introduce a new product, the only way to catch potential malfunctions is to load the software onto the phone and follow a lengthy script of at least 200 instructions, punching keys over and over again. The average person would get bored and take shortcuts, which leaves room for error and makes the task essentially worthless. This task involves obsessive attention to detail, intense focus and careful execution, which are skills innate to an adult with high-functioning autism.

When Thorkil Sonne’s son was diagnosed with autism, he and his wife saw a bleak future where they would be dependent upon forever. But it wasn’t until Sonne looked past his son’s disability and saw that he possessed some unusually fascinating skills – traits that he often looked for in his own employees at TDC, Denmark’s largest telecommunications company.

He realized that many companies struggle to find people who can perform specific tedious tasks like data entry or software testing and that given the right environment, an adult with autism could be the best person for these jobs.  So he started a company called Specialisterne which helps to identify marketable strengths in those who have difficulty communicating it themselves.

After a successful decade employing 35 workers with autism in Denmark, they are opening a United States headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware where they plan to recruit and train autistic adults to be software testers. They are even having conversations with Microsoft about setting up a pilot program in Fargo, North Dakota where their largest software-development operations are located. Click here to learn more about Specialisterne, how it is benefiting adults with autism, and helping major companies fill their hiring needs.

What do companies like Unilever, General Mills and Wyndham Exchange & Rentals have in common with the likes of Google and Facebook?

They are all competing for the same talent when it comes to controlling their growing amount of data. Whether it is leading a data science team to manage Unilever’s skin product line or directing General Mills’ Global Consumer Insight team in designing the company’s entire data system, these household names are battling each other to recruit from a small pool of qualified talent.

The variety of businesses that require data scientists and their different needs within the organization adds another layer to this recruiting conundrum. Finding a data scientist doesn’t necessarily mean they will automatically understand what they’ve been hired to do. Click here to read more about this constant struggle for talent.