Trends, values and marketing to get top talent

It’s all about the “why”

Great people want to work for organizations that realize their corporate strategy must coincide with what their employees want out of a job. Employees want a purpose; they want to be truly engaged and connected, making “why” you do business just as important as what you create. For example, Starbucks serves a consistently great cup of coffee from New York to New Zealand. That’s what they do. But they do it because they want to address human labor; they want to preserve and enhance the environment and improve working conditions for coffee-origin companies. Their purpose becomes their by-product and their “why” is embedded in the way they do business. Click here to read more about why getting your culture right is so important and to see what you can learn about cultivating culture from great organizations like Zappos and the United States Marine Corps.


Maximize your brand with new resources

Trevor Tice, founder of CorePower Yoga, wants to create the first truly national yoga-studio chain. As a practice that follows a more aerobic style of yoga than a spiritual one, he plans to expand from their 65 studios to 75 by the end of 2012 while also entering new markets such as Texas, Seattle, Honolulu, California and Colorado. Tice’s growth plan is rooted in offering a consistent experience across the chain and hiring people that fit the culture of this accessible, friendly and encouraging practice. And he plans to do this all without using traditional brand marketing. Besides a few Groupon deals, CorePower is using word-of-mouth and digital marketing. For example, they invite staff from “like-minded businesses,” such as the manager of Whole Foods, to join a class in hopes they will enjoy themselves and tell their friends and colleagues. Locations for future studios are carefully researched as they focus on  urban areas populated with their target demographic of 25 to 35 year old professionals.  Click here to read more about how this small Denver-based company plans to transform the “breathing and stretching” yoga industry.


Let’s talk tech

The hiring environment for technology talent has always been competitive, but looking ahead, it’s only going to get more challenging. Tech salaries in the U.S. will rise almost twice the national average in 2013 due to the high demand for talented technical candidates. On the heels of the national shortage of IT talent, the next year will also bring an explosive growth for Big Data jobs—engineers that capture, store, search and analyze data sets that are too large for regular database management tools. Employers are looking for candidates with business knowledge along with technology expertise and analytical skills, making this an even more ruthless arena for talent. Click here to read more about the upcoming trends in the IT world.






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