New ways to get social

A picture can make you a market leader

Social media is about building relationships. You want to start and maintain conversations with your audience and research shows the quickest way to do so is through pictures. According to a 2012 study by ROI Research, 44% of users are more likely to engage with a brand if they post pictures rather than solely written content. The rapid rise of visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram proves there is an increasing desire for visual communications. Click here to find out how some brands are harnessing the power of visual media to start active online communities.


Games, pins, tours and more   

Establishing your online community is just as important as investing in your live one. Social media provides an array of creative tools for recruiters to build brand awareness, educate potential candidates about the business, and offer an honest perspective of the workplace all through a computer screen.

A great example of this is how Lindt Chocolate used their Pinterest boards to promote pinning for a cause. During the 2012 Easter season, Lindt donated $1.00 to the charity Autism Speaks for every pin that included the words #pin4autism. Not only did they reach their goal of $10,000 and show the “power of the pin,” they created an honest window into their organization and what they support — in turn, attracting the right type of people to their business (those that place high value on corporate social responsibility).

Click here to read more about how companies like Deloitte and Marriott are integrating fun, engaging social media tools into their recruitment strategies.


Get social with Target

After adding more than 2 million Facebook fans in the last month alone, Target has become one of America’s fastest growing social brands, according to Track Social. One reason they are so successful is because Target recognizes the purpose of each social media platform and customizes its approach to each one. For example, they took advantage of the immediate nature of Twitter responses and created interactive fan contests. They publicized the release of “Hunger Games” on DVD and created a live national trivia contest where the quickest tweet answer won a prize. Not only did this build buzz around a product launch, but Target created new connections and conversations with minimal cost.

Few brands are able to maintain this high level of engagement on social media platforms, but click here to read more about Target’s best practices and why they have been so successful in managing their online brand.


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