Change for competitve control

The “we” space

A company’s culture plays a large part in their competitive edge, so having the working environment reflect the company values can be beneficial. Traditionally, offices are set-up to mirror the hierarchy of the business – the leadership with corner offices and the interns close to the office supply closet. But Steelcase, a business that helps organizations create work environments based on empowering their people, celebrates the shift from “I” spaces to “we” spaces. For example if your company has a flat structure and values collaboration and open communication, they believe that your layout should reflect that.

At Steelcase’s own office, they moved all of the top-level executives off of the same floor and created a floor of “we” spaces for top-level projects. So, instead of bringing information to a meeting with an executive, the information stays in a room and the people and high level executives travel to it.

Click here to read more about how major companies like Deloitte, Microsoft and Google are embracing “we” spaces.


Customer service equals competitive advantage

We are in the age of the customer. Controlling the flow of information has shifted from the hands of your company to the mobile apps and social networks at the fingertips of your customers. According to Harley Manning, the co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Your Customers at the Center of Your Business, the only way for your brand to survive this technology-infused era is to be a leader in the customer experience arena.

A great customer experience directly connects to brand loyalty. It is what pushes customers to purchase your brand or recommend it to the people in their network. This positive customer experience also has a direct link to the effectiveness of your employment promise. That superior relationship should create the same loyalty among your people for them to stay with you as their employer and to praise you to their friends.

Read more to see why mastering the customer experience will help your brand flourish and attract and retain the people you want.


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