Leadership philosophies

Everything Spanx

Laurie Ann Goldman, CEO of Spanx Inc., sat down and spoke with Forbes.com about her leadership strategy. She thinks her employees have a love-hate relationship with her – they hate her when she pushes the boundaries and insists on greatness, and they love her when they reach the full potential that she always knew they could achieve. Listen to her perspective on solving problems and why finding the right people is the hardest part of her job.

Athletes make the best employees

Every company wants to recruit top talent, and in today’s competitive environment it is easy to get lost in a black hole of resumes. According to current research used often by Richard Mendelson, Psychologist and Co-Founder of Dynamic IO Consultants, instead of navigating your way through bullet points of software literacy and past experiences, finding a qualified candidate is as simple as asking if they have ever participated in sports at an elite level. Many studies prove that athletes who compete at a collegiate level or higher possess important qualities, such as stress management, leadership and determination, which all translate from the court or the field into the office environment. Click here to read more about the attributes athletes, wrestlers in particular, have that make them great candidates for your business.

No jerks at Panera Bread

In this interview with Ronald M. Shaich, Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Panera Bread, he talks about his realization that profit and back-end numbers are just a byproduct of how your people are organized and work together. After writing an “official” cultural values document long after a special culture had already taken hold, Shaich discusses the type of person who is right for Panera – someone who doesn’t always follow conventional wisdom and believes in taking a leap of faith. He looks for people who approach a problem and choose the path that is not always easy or safe. Read more of Shaich’s thoughts on his people and the company culture, as well as what it’s like to be inside his head during an interview.


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