Attracting top talent in unconventional ways

What can recruiters learn from the Olympics?

The Olympic Games are the world’s most prestigious sporting competition where only the top talent comes to compete. So if you look past the gold medals and unforgettable performances, you will see how their strategy for recruitment is a great model for your own company’s recruitment approach.

One example is how the recruiting and selection process for the Olympic Games is so transparent and honest. The objectives and goals are clearly spelled out and the candidates know exactly what they’re signing up for. This same transparency should translate through to the corporate atmosphere of recruiting. Promising a candidate an experience they are not going to get or being ambiguous about application steps and assessments will likely deter potential applicants and overall, is not cost-effective.

Click here to read about more the Olympic Games’ recruiting strategies and how you can modify them to fit your business’ recruitment model.

Want to attract the best talent? Give them something to believe in.

It’s hard to believe that in this chaotic economy that there would be a talent shortage, but for some in-demand skill sets, such as engineers, some companies are having trouble finding strong candidates to keep their business growing; let alone persuade them to leave their current positions.

In an article published by Fast Company, they discuss how one of the best ways to engage the people you want is to share thought-provoking and enticing stories, inventive thinking and cutting-edge research – all of which can be shared by blogging. The best talent is attracted to stories that will showcase your company’s innovative technologies and your work that challenges conventional thinking in their area of expertise.

These human elements are more relatable to an innovative thinker, as opposed to a job description that says: “Check us out! We’re amazing to work for.” Click here to read more about how companies use blogging as a highly effective branding and recruiting tool.

Empowering Employment

Contrary to the article posted above, a blogger at Harvard Business Review thinks that instead of waiting for that perfect hire to come along, you can fill open positions by focusing on people’s abilities to learn, adapt and develop. He references how some tech companies, such as Cisco, are re-skilling prospective talent by offering certification classes in networking technology and other training resources.

Other companies are looking for under-leveraged talent pools, such as veterans, who bring experience, team leadership and many other transferrable skills to roles such as project management, IT and sales. Click here to read more about other ways companies are trying to solve their recruiting challenges.


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