Opportunities outside the ordinary

Tech Made in New York.

Silicon Valley may have some competition for new technology hires thanks to New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg. In partnership with Internet Week NY and The New York Tech Meetup, Bloomberg recently launched Made In New York – a digital map that plots more than 500 local start-up technology companies, 325 which are currently hiring. The map allows job seekers to visualize, by location, the companies they might be interested in and will then automatically connect them with job listings at those companies.

New York City has seen a 40% increase in tech-startups over the past four years and Bloomberg’s goal for this newest job resource is to propel the tech industry in New York even further. “The growth of the tech industry in New York City has been a critical part of weathering the nation’s economic downturn,” says Bloomberg. Click here to learn more about Made In New York and to read about what entrepreneurs in Manhattan believe is the secret to New York’s tech start-up success.

Unexpected industry to rise in the ranks.

Each year college graduates enter the workforce buried in debt and scrambling for jobs, so it makes sense that they would gravitate towards big company names that promise job security and high salaries. But although Universum USA’s latest ranking of favored employers listed all the familiar players, such as McKinsey and Bain, Apple and Google, the real surprise occurred a bit further down the list and off the map, in Detroit.

All Big Three American carmakers, Ford Motor, General Motors, and Chrysler Group, scored higher then ever in this year’s rankings among business and engineering students. Kortney Kutsop, employer brand consultant for Universum USA, attributes the improvement to the industry’s efforts in personalizing their approach to recruiting and tailoring their messaging to something young people respond to. For example, Ford allows students to attend specialized on-campus information sessions where they get the chance to work on finding solutions to energy, sustainability and environmental problems. Read more to see what else these companies are doing in the recruitment space that is creating such a stir among new graduates.

Have a different ambition? Try these positions.

App Developer, Market Research Data Miner, Millennial Generational Expert, Chief Listening Officer; these are just a few of the newest positions, created only over the past decade, that organizations are offering to emerging graduates. All of these jobs offer the opportunity to snag a brand new position where competition hasn’t reached critical mass.

For example, as demand for mobile applications surge, companies are offering plenty of opportunities (16,000 just on indeed.com to be exact) for programmers and developers to break into a booming market – with a salary of $93,000 and the creative landscape to build the next biggest seller on the Apple Store. Click here to find out what other appealing positions are being offered in these thriving sectors.


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