Inside the Internet

Splunk is the magic word.

Behind the words you read on this screen, there is a hidden universe of machinery that must work in perfect and constant unison. These machines generate staggering quantities of unstructured data that must be counted, logged and categorized in order to manage the content that you see. Splunk is a company bringing simplicity to this chaos and is making businesses, such as Macy’s and Verizon, work better, smoother, and faster. According to Mark P. Mills, CEO of Digital Power Group, “machine data about the Internet is growing at a faster rate than even the explosive growth of information on the Internet,” making data analytics the hottest degree to have. Read more to find out why Mills believes companies like Splunk will eventually lead the revival of our floundering job market.

Intuition or Information?

Marketers are overwhelmed with statistics about the needs and trends of their consumers and now, thanks to social media, they can also see the direct interaction between their brand and their customers. These hard facts should make business decisions and branding initiatives easier, right? Not according to Christa Carone, Chief Marketing Officer of Xerox. Carone is challenged with a major repositioning effort hoping to change the stakeholder and public perception of Xerox as a company. Due to information overload, Carone’s felt the true message was being smothered, and that the essence of their brand wasn’t something to be measured. Read more to see why Carone followed what her gut told her, opposed to what the research did.

Branching out to other networks.

LinkedIn may have some serious competition to undertake if it wants to maintain its title as the top professional networking site. BranchOut, a platform where members can search companies and find among their Facebook network who works there, recently reported receiving $25 million in new funding and a staggering growth spurt of 2 million new members a week. Read more to find out how this two-year old company is helping recruiters find more relevant candidates quicker and easier –and how BranchOut may give LinkedIn a run for its money.


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