New perspectives on traditional ideas

Join small, think big.

In the past, joining a “start-up” company seemed to be a risky career choice with a miniscule paycheck. However, those connotations of smaller shops have been replaced with compelling offers that include a culture of entrepreneurialism, flexibility and great work life balance. Recently, well-established global brands have recognized these attractive selling points, and are partnering with smaller agencies to help them deliver on their promises faster – and more creatively. Click here to read about some of the top agencies that are offering great talent the chance to be part of an exciting dynamic company with the culture and transparency of a smaller firm.

Building computational thinkers.

“Computing for Poets” is a class offered at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts where the only prerequisite is a “love of the written (and digital) word.” Here, students learn the basics of Python, a language used in the software industry. They then use those computing concepts to analyze large bodies of literature. This is just one of the many classes that takes the basic principles of computing and applies it to areas outside of computer science. Read more to find out why many college professors are urging their students, of all majors, to incorporate coding into their curriculum.

Real people, real connections.

LinkedIn is known for being the top social media platform for professional networking, but Hearst Magazine saw it as a cache of potential models. Their thrice-yearly issue of Marie Claire@Work, which is aimed at connecting with the average working woman, is featuring real women from the Marie Claire Career Network on LinkedIn in their advertisements. Read on to find out how companies like Buick, White House Black Market, and Mustela are using their LinkedIn networks to cast real people to represent their brands.


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