Technically speaking, the next great ideas

The face of young America is not a dollar sign

At the fourth annual Karios Summit, a networking group of 350 student entrepreneurs, pitched business ideas to high profile executives and political leaders. But Generation Y isn’t thinking in terms of a paycheck. A recent survey done by Humantelligence showed that these young business leaders see success as the amount of lives they can change, “and they are drawn to technology because they see it as a way to help people in the world who aren’t benefiting from that technology.” Click here to see some of the technological ideas that are propelled by these young people’s social missions to change the world.

Battle of the acronyms: QR vs. MVS

Less than 5% of Americans with a Smartphone scan QR codes. Jon Barocas, CEO of bieMEDIA, an online marketing and media solutions company, believes the lack of use comes from the fact that these tiny barcodes don’t link to a direct human reactionour mood, our behaviors, our habits. However, with mobile visual search (MVS), you can point your Smartphone at the Empire State Building or a Chobani Greek yogurt, take a photo and the application within seconds will pull up the monument’s history or the option to buy that yogurt right then and there. Find out more about how this interactive application is a technological success.

Pin your products on Pinterest

Pinterest, the newest social media site is driving more traffic to company websites than LinkedIn and Google+ combined. Its registered fan base has risen by 6.4 million people since September. This online bulletin board for your favorite images is sweeping the social stratosphere with something as simple as pictures. Although retailers were the first groups to join, click here to find out why businesses should be on board as well.


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