Criticism or compliments, consumers create the content

A more user-friendly New York Times

One of The New York Times 2012 resolutions is to enhance the way they use social media to further engage their audience. For example, to stand out from their competitors, they encouraged people watching the US political debates to tweet the hashtag #asknyt, to point out statements they wanted fact-checked. Click here to see what other ways Liz Heron, the social media editor of The New York Times, is striving to use social media in a different and more meaningful way.

News feeds: the newest form of advertising

Thanks to Facebook, every interaction a customer has with a brand, whether positive or negative, can be made very public and extremely searchable by the 845 million users around the world. Paired with the new “frictionless sharing” craze, which posts your online activity directly to your page, this type of “Facebook advertising” lets brands know exactly how consumers are responding to their brands. Find out more about how companies are using this strategy to leverage audiences and drive higher engagement.

Coupons don’t equal brand champions

Many brands commonly try to engage users through sweepstakes and exclusive deals. Consumers want an incentive to engage with your brand but according to social media executives at Colligent, these types of promotions are only engaging what they call “garbage fans” – people who don’t care about your company, they really just wanted that free iPad. Get more advice here on ways to engage the most effective brand advocates through Facebook and Twitter.


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