Being the leader of tomorrow, today

Managing Talent in Tough Times

Time Magazine recently labeled the past 10 years the “decade from hell” due to the chaotic business and economic conditions talent management has had to operate under.  “So then how do you effectively hire, develop, place, and retain individuals and leaders in a volatile environment where literally everything changes in months rather than years?” Read more for advice on how leaders must prepare for and handle this unstable atmosphere that is rapidly becoming the norm.

Learn from a Legendary Leader

Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company, spoke to HBR Idea Cast about being a leader in today’s frenetic environment. This self-declared introvert revived a company bordering bankruptcy residing in one of the poorest, most dangerous cities in the United States. Listen to his philosophies on leadership as an art form and how engaging your people is the first step in revitalizing the workplace.

The Recession and Employee Disengagement

One of the most recent statistics from a Modern Survey’s panel on employee engagement in the United States revealed that people’s belief in senior leadership and their confidence in the future of the organization are most strongly tied to their desire to stay. Employee’s needs and expectations have evolved with the scarred economy; they want to see their future and have faith in the people that are leading them there. Read more about the shift in employee retention responsibilities in today’s chaotic environment.


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